Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Baking Monday

There was an epic thunderstorm last night, it just kept going, on and off all night. Disturbed sleep all around, leading to tiredness today.

J continues to be back playing Minecraft. The last couple of days he's been combining Pokemon, and Minecraft and playing on a Pixelmon server. Plus playing with S on our Minecraft server for a bit. 

S and I made pasties, I can't call them Cornish as they have turnip, not swede in. So I added carrot too. Oh well. We'll just call them meat and veg pasties. We did use Skirt beef though! 

J and I made cookies, he used the same recipe S used last week, but we adapted it a bit. He used plain chocolate chunks, instead of drops, peppermint essence instead of vanilla, and substituted some of the flour for cocoa powder. To make double chocolate mint cookies. 

J is continuing to read through his manga selection he picked from the library last week. S is currently reading Ultra Maniac. This is the second time she's read this series. 

We've also watched the start of Junior Masterchef today. S expressed that she would like to enter Masterchef, or Bake off in a couple of years. Conversations followed about what she would like to make. 

Plus first episode viewing of Gareth's All Star Choir on iplayer. 

At J's request I've ordered Scarlet Ibis. Previously we've listened to White Dolphin, and Sky Hawk on audio CD, and we're currently reading Moon Bear together. Scarlet Ibis was the only one we hadn't read/heard. All by the same author Gill Lewis. S has ordered more Secret Kingdom books. One of her current favourite series to read. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Friday Fun and Frustrations

This top bit is the happy, smiley version of what we've done today. There's a bottom section too!

Friday post means the Phoenix arrives. Which J discovered connected up with our interests, as there is information about Rosetta and the comet. As I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago. I guess it's current news. 

J made a face out of the lunch he got himself.

S made these chocolate chip cookies

Plus later in the day she started using the sewing machine to make bookmarks. It's funny that she's had all the parts for months now, felt, material etc. Somehow today was the day she decided to do it. She does have a table to work on, but she decided to work on the floor. 

There's been TV watching, catching up on two episodes of The Apprentice. J and S particularly enjoyed the Youtube episode. Plus S watched Masterchef the Professionals.

This section is what also happened and how I felt......

Friday, a day, with no out of the house plans. Which ended up with over coming problems. A day of (trying, it was very trying!) to model what to do when things don't go smoothly, head in a different direction, try a different way etc. Whilst also allowing, and accepting as normal, feelings of frustration and annoyance in there too. Not sure I succeeded, to be honest. My annoyances were through gritted teeth, and a few ***** words that something else had gone wrong! 

Deeper questions about why I, or we always end up here. Does everybody? Running behind myself. I know when I talk to people they're probably fed up of my conversations, as they're getting a bit the same and nothing seems to happen. Honestly I'm bored of it, so they probably are too. We've been planning to move, decorate to move, declutter to move for at least six months now. We're still here, and the house isn't even on the market. We seem to need more time, that's why we want to move, it will help create more time. However to be able to move we need time! 

It's probably just end of the week fatigue, but I've had a tough day today physically and mentally. I'm tired, I ache and I'm in pain (I have Adenomyosis) Low level chronic pain is the current most annoying problem. How I feel doesn't seem to have really interfered with what we've done today, but I know it's there and it's annoying. Like an itch I can't scratch.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Frozen But Sunny Wednesday

Bright and early we headed to our local city to watch Frozen as part of the Into Film Festival. This is the second time we've watched it, today all the songs had words written on the screen, and a snowflake bounced along over the words. I could hear my two singing along quietly next to me. We all enjoyed it. 

J has had a good read of the magazine from the cinema, looking at films coming on over the next year, pointing out which ones he'd like to see. Minions was one of those mentioned by J. So knowing the trailer had just come out, we had a watch. 

The Paddington film was mentioned in the magazine too. However, I'm really disappointed with the way Paddington looks, he doesn't look how I remember or imagined Paddington from my childhood. So I'm not sure how I feel about it. Although watching the trailer does make me want to see it. Watch this space. Or if you want to form your own opinions, I've popped the trailer on below. 

To tie in, there is going to be a Paddington trail round London. I fancy doing it, the children are less keen. So that's probably a no go, as there are other things they would prefer to do in London in preference at the minute. Maybe we could fit in a couple along our way. 

This is how I remember Paddington from my childhood. Film below. Must move with the times though, He is a lovable bear whatever form he takes.

Anyway, after the film this morning we headed to a local park, where we met up with some other home edders. For a chat, play and coffee in the sunshine. Both J and S had a great time playing with friends, and I had a lovely time chatting. S spontaneously ended up heading home with a friend to carrying on playing, which included trampoline bouncing fun. J made plans to meet later on our Minecraft server with a friend from the park.

The Minecraft server hasn't been used in ages, it goes in stages, and other games come along in between. So the first time in ages J has been on, and the whole Nitrous Network control panel had been changed. He needed to re white list, and initially got frustrated that it was all new, but we got through and worked out what to do, thanks to the help of a forum.

Once all set up, J decided he wanted to build HMS Warrior, inspired from the Youtube video I emailed him yesterday, at the bottom of yesterdays blog post. He's made a start. Then he played for a bit with his friend on the server. 

One of S's favourite songs at the minute is  All About That Bass, and we've had various conversations around the songs lyrics. At the end of the day S just likes the song, and rhythm. Today we found an alternative version which we're liking, so thought we'd share. What do you think? 

S caught up with the latest Next Step on TV, essential Wednesday evening viewing for her. 

Hubby has finished his latest T shirt design, Pokemon inspired Leafeon

I started a new meditation on Monday, that I previously forgot to mention. It's guided. Oprah and Deepak Energy of Attraction.  I struggle to fit in time to meditate on my own, but somehow setting time aside to listen to a 20 minute audio on my phone is doable. I know I need to do it, it makes me feel better. I signed up last time but only managed about half the days. I'm planning on doing the full 21 days this time. 

Hubby shared with us, about Rosettas Journey which he's been following. Rosetta’s journey, from its launch on 2 March 2004 - to the planned landing on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 12 November 2014. We found these videos useful and interesting Once Upon a Time... Preparing for a comet landing and Ambition the Film

We then ended up talking about the Rosetta Stone, which is currently in the British Museum. We've never been to the British Museum. That has now been added to our (long) list of places we want to visit. J also expressed an interest in wanting to return to the National History Museum to look at their minerals, gems, and rocks section. 

Meanwhile J has finished the selection of Manga books he picked up at the library last week, a few Naruto , a couple of Yu-gi-oh. He's also resorted to reading S's choice of Yotsuba.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Today J and I took a trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. There was a Home ed arranged Laser Quest meet up, and since J has wanted to play laser quest for some time we headed along. He loved it.

For ease, and cost I thought we'd give the park and ride a go. It saves me getting lost driving into Portsmouth, and if we we're going to be longer than two hours it's cheaper too. J loved that we got to go on a double decker bus, we don't get the bus often! 

As soon as we got off the bus we could see HMS Warrior, such an impressive sight. After laser quest, J and I went and had a look round. It's the first time we've visited Warrior. It seems so big inside, four floors. I must admit to feeling claustrophobic on the fourth level, deep inside the ship, particularly as this area was darker too. Repeating Eleanor Roosevelt quote to myself over and over. 'Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You'. I walked through and kept the anxiety at bay. 

J had a go at a couple of the hands on activities in the Action Stations area. 

We got the park and ride bus back, and discovered, that the bus shelter has a living sedum roof, and solar panels. 

The car journey home was a delight too, such a strange looking sky. With a mixture of sun, rain, and some interesting clouds. Then we spotted a rainbow blob on the horizon, and over our journey this developed into a rainbow. Towards the end of the journey, two distinct rainbows could be seen. Such a delight to see. I love rainbows, so colourful. I love colour. They make me feel happy. 

Other bits from today - S had a Lego magazine  in the post which she spent some time reading. J and S played some, well about an hour, of Just Dance 2014. 

I went hunting/ researching for more things around HMS Warrior, for J's direction, I found this Minecraft HMS Warrior Youtube video. 

Weekend Away

Here I am trying to catch up again on blog posts! I'm now on a rapid catch up this evening.....Plus I've realised there are bits I've missed along the way too. So firstly, the weekend just gone, which was lovely. 

Bright and early I headed to Brighton on the train to meet my mum. A delayed birthday (mine) shop and lunch. It's become a bit of a tradition. We were on holiday this year and this was the first weekend we could fit it in. I had a fab day. 

Followed by a relaxing evening at my parents house, a nice Lush bath, and an early night. Perfect relaxation.

Meanwhile J, S and hubby headed to Horsham for S's gym, a trip to The Works for new sketch books, and swimming for J. Then an evening viewing of Strictly, and Dr. Who. 

On Sunday I had a lovely lie in, then a morning of chilling out and reading my magazine. I was joined in the afternoon by hubby, J and S who drove over. We had planned a possible afternoon walk to see the 'old crocks', This is how I've always known them, what my dad has always called them. It's also properly known as the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run . Rain stopped us going to see them this year, so maybe next year. However hubby, J and S did get to see a few on the car journey anyway, which they enjoyed. 

After a lovely roast dinner, we found an old game of Yahtzee in the cupboard. I remember playing it years ago, and thought it maybe had gone, but there it was still. So we had a family game of Yahtzee, the first time J and S have played.  

Monday, 3 November 2014

'Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy'

A fun filled, non stop busy Halloween. 

Friday morning, is when The Phoenix Comic drops through the letterbox. We've been subscribed for a while, since the children first saw it on a visit to our friends at Journey Unique. I liked the fact that when you subscribe you get four issues free, which was perfect for J and S to try it out. They love it and both enjoy reading it, and so we continued with the subscription. We would certainly recommend trying The Phoenix. 

On S's to do list today was to make cupcakes. On an unexpected trip to ASDA earlier this week, the story involved the mislaid keys, we browsed through the Halloween aisle. We picked up a cupcake case set. S used Mary Berry's cupcake recipe, and did it independently apart from some help with the faulty annoying, some would call them broken scales, and the oven.

Halloween Cup cakes

In the afternoon, we had a friend arrive, who had come to 'trick or treat' with J and S. Where she lives it isn't really done, whereas where we live a lot of people participate. After time to play, have tea, and wait for it to get dark. The children got ready. 

Plus we lit the pumpkins
Volcano Pumpkin

A great time was had trick or treating, and they all came back with bags full of sweets and chocolate. Plus we enjoyed seeing the effort people had made with their houses. 

Reading back what we did during the day, I can hear some people saying, busy, really? However living the day, felt like constant action and noise, hence the title. 'Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy' Plus I love Sooty. If you have no idea what I'm talking about here is a link to Youtube for a Sooty episode. I've picked one that ties in with Halloween. Happy Watching. 

Friday, 31 October 2014

'Let Whatever You Do Today Be Enough'

Today there was chance for a play in the park with friends. In the end we didn't go, a combination of factors, including one child that didn't want to go. Ultimately the right decision as there was still too much to fit in one day as it was. 

I really don't feel prepared for Halloween, I had ideas of making Halloween themed food, decorations, but I can't see that happening with the time available now. I permanently feel like I'm trying to squeeze so much stuff, activities,visits, into a box, and when I push something in, something else pokes out somewhere else. It's easier to visualise in my head than to describe in words. 

So this morning, we squeezed in a food delivery, and I caught up on messages/diary organising. Plus a chat to my mum about our day in Brighton on Saturday. 

J decided he wanted to make Pokemon inspired bracelets like he did about a year ago now. So we found our supplies we had left in the cupboard. He's been looking at what extra beads and elastic he needs to make more bracelets. To make a visit to Beads Unlimited on Sat

S made her citrus mixture in the nutribullet to turn into ice lollies. Her idea from a few blog posts ago. S doesn't eat a great range of fruit and veg, and she doesn't like smoothies on there own, so she thought she'd try it as ice lollies. It contained, lemon, lime, orange, and satsuma. So they are now in the freezer. She decided to leave them unsweetened, and it was quite a sharp mixture. We will have to see what she thinks when she comes to eating them. 

S has gym on a Thur, and we headed off a little early as both S and J wanted to fit in a trip to Horsham library, they have a larger collection of Manga books. J came away with some new books, and S was dissapointed to not find some more Secret Kingdom books. Now on my list to look and see what other books the library stocks and order them in to our local library for S. Such a great service.

Once S was dropped at gym, J and I headed to visit friends, who blog here at  Our Education Otherwise Diary. We both had a lovely time, a cuppa and a chat for me, wii and xbox playing for J. I think it helped J to get something from the time too, rather than just waiting for his sister!

With the remaining time waiting, he read Adventure Time - Sugary Shorts

Finally home, all tired, off to bed ready for the next day. Well kind of, as I said earlier I'm not really ready. For a start I've forgotten to get something for Halloween tea.... 

To get to sleep I had to let that all go, and so the title of todays blog post 'Let Whatever You Do Today Be Enough'